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16 May 2006 - 6:03

Hey folks..not to be lame, but I'm posting this so if you have anyone you know that is interested you can let me know.

We are seeking a part time nanny or sitter to help with our 5-month-old daughter beginning in June. The hours will always be 2 pm until 6pm.

I (Mom) work on-call evenings at Overlake hospital, and we could work together to come up with a schedule at the beginning of each month, so it's flexible.

The hours are great for a college student or mother interested in bringing her child.

We do not require housecleaning or family meal preparations. We are more interested in finding a nurturer for our daughter. We do have two incredibly spoiled dachshunds, so you must be pet-friendly, but you are not required to walk them.

Compensation NEG, DOE.


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